Flooring & Concrete

Flooring & Concrete

Traditional & Custom Designs in Smithville, TX & Beyond

When it comes to flooring and concrete implementation, it is essential that the job is done correctly. An improper job can result in unevenness, cracking, and breakage, and can be potentially dangerous. At McRee Custom Homes and Remodeling in Smithville, TX, we offer expert flooring and concrete services from friendly, licensed workers who will ensure that you receive the beautiful hardwood floors, sidewalk or driveway you need and want. Whether it’s part of a remodeling project or a new custom home, we are the company to choose for low prices and high-quality work.

Custom Flooring

At McRee Custom Homes and Remodeling, we provide beautifully finished hardwood floors that add a stunning accent to your home. Or, if you want a more colorful option, we have even created mosaics shaped like Texas in red, white and blue tile! For an innovative, unique twist, a very popular option is stained concrete floors. We can even put designs, such as stars, into the stained concrete. No matter what your idea, discuss it with us, and we will give you flooring you love.


We have years of experience providing concrete for all sorts of projects. Not only do we do work with residential properties, but we work on commercial buildings as well. We can provide structure foundations as well as smaller services such as custom and decorative sidewalks, patios and driveways, including stain designs. All of our concrete, including for home foundations, is engineer-inspected and comes with a 2-10 Builders Warranty.

Our licensed workers also offer clients in the surrounding areas painting and drywall services at a great price. To set up a consultation or for more information, give us a call today at 512-844-1224!